Chroma Spark Packaging

Chroma Spark is a fictional product idea that utilizes the power  to transform the color of your car whenever you desire. Chroma Spark would only be available in high-end car dealerships and would be an additional option to be installed in your car when first purchasing your vehicle.

The package design is for the welcome kit which would be presented to customers once they purchase the technology. There are two different starter options: the Standard Collection which comes with five color options that are more common, and the Luxury Collection which includes five color options only found on the most expensive cars such as Maserati or Rolls Royce. The kit comes with a bluetooth remote in a luxurious leather case, and an informational handbook detailing information about the company, its technology, the specific colors included, how to use the remote to change colors, information about Chroma Spark’s green initiatives and how to join the exclusive Chroma Spark club.

With sleek black packaging, magnetic enclosure, and an embossed car silhouette both on the box and the informational guide, the welcome kit offers a feeling of luxury from the moment the customer begins his/her relationship with Chroma Spark.

CLIENT: Personal Project
ROLE: Concept, Art Direction, Copywriter, Design, Illustration, Finished Art, Production