Laura Wilkens

Inaba Ciao Marketing Suite

When Pet Kelp chose to redesign their line of kelp-based dog treats, they specifically asked for a cleaner look and taking on the task of streamlining the selling points and nutritional information. However, the company wanted to keep the feel of their original packaging so they wouldn't alienate current customers. With the redesign, the dog silhouette was updated and made to look more playful. Instead of being near water, the dog is playing among "ocean treasures" such as a starfish, seashell and string of kelp. The subtle wave pattern and ocean gradient in the background provide the connection with the sea. While the logo remains the same, a strong color bar to highlight the flavor and the fun new tagline at the top gives the new packaging appeal on a store shelf. To allow for more space yet still keep within the company’s budget, we opted to print both a front label and smaller back label on the now white pouch so that the key selling points could really shine on the front of the package.

CLIENT: Pet Kelp
ROLE: Concept, Design, Finished Art
ART DIRECTOR: Dennis Abelson

Inaba Ciao Marketing Suite

As the largest cat treat company in Japan, Inaba Ciao wanted to finally break into the U.S. market after 8 generations in business. Their iconic white cat from their Japanese packaging was a design element they couldn't part with so a story and a brand were built around the cat, now named Ciao, who travels the world.

Illustration was key to bringing the cat to life and to be able to place her in many different scenarios and locations. Throughout all marketing materials her travel bug is highlighted as she is often seen with a suitcase or hanging out at famous landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House or the Eiffel Tower. The colors used in all the designs were pulled directly from the packaging flavors.

Inaba Ciao Trade Brochure
The trade brochure for Ciao is a large marketing material that provides background information on the company and products for distributors and also has a folder pocket for additional price sheets. Each spread is designed with extensive illustrations so that the brand becomes a unique entity amongst the other cat treats on the market.

Inaba Ciao Consumer Brochure
The consumer brochure is catered towards people purchasing Ciao treats. As an expanded trifold, it's a much more condensed version of the trade brochure and features the demonstrations of the cats eating the product on the front.

Inaba Ciao Contest Postcard
The contest postcard was designed to be mailed to people who were attending the Global Pet Expo trade show. Attendees could visit the Ciao booth to enter to win a trip to the Venetian in Las Vegas. Therefore, Ciao was illustrated as traveling in a gondola.

Inaba Ciao Tradeshow Booth Design
The Inaba Ciao booth is used at all trade shows and distributor shows. The backdrop features a large screen showing cats enjoying the gogurt like cat treat product on loop which is framed by two other informative back panels. 

Inaba Ciao P.O.P. Display
The POP display for use in retail stores features demonstrative illustrations of Ciao the cat eating both products. There is also a brochure attachment to allow for copies of the consumer brochure and a coupon pad attached for consumers to use.

Inaba Ciao Window Cling
The Ciao window cling is designed to be placed in the front window or door of a retail location to catch the eye of incoming consumers. Playing off the word "ciao", the cling greets visitors with a hello as they enter and a goodbye as they leave the store.

CLIENT: Inaba Ciao
ROLE: Concept, Design, Illustration,
Finished Art, Editor for treat videos