Inaba Ciao Social Media

As the largest cat treat company in Japan, Inaba Ciao wanted to finally break into the U.S. market after 8 generations in business. Their iconic white cat from their Japanese packaging was a design element they couldn't part with so a story and a brand were built around the cat, now named Ciao, who travels the world.

When designing the images for social media, it was key to highlight Ciao as a spokescat whenever possible so that she could interact directly with the company's followers. Every month Ciao shows how to say Hello in a different language which she's learned from her travels. She also hosts giveaways, and celebrates major holidays, building a larger and larger community of cat lovers on her social media pages, specifically Facebook. This community has grown rapidly and impressively.

CLIENT: Inaba Ciao
ROLE: Concept, Design, Illustration,
Finished Art

RESULTS: After the first 10 days of the Facebook page launching, Inaba Ciao had 8,600 fans. Within two months after, there were 30,000+ fans.