Laura Wilkens

Inaba Ciao Social Media and Web Design

When Pet Kelp chose to redesign their line of kelp-based dog treats, they specifically asked for a cleaner look and taking on the task of streamlining the selling points and nutritional information. However, the company wanted to keep the feel of their original packaging so they wouldn't alienate current customers. With the redesign, the dog silhouette was updated and made to look more playful. Instead of being near water, the dog is playing among "ocean treasures" such as a starfish, seashell and string of kelp. The subtle wave pattern and ocean gradient in the background provide the connection with the sea. While the logo remains the same, a strong color bar to highlight the flavor and the fun new tagline at the top gives the new packaging appeal on a store shelf. To allow for more space yet still keep within the company’s budget, we opted to print both a front label and smaller back label on the now white pouch so that the key selling points could really shine on the front of the package.

CLIENT: Pet Kelp
ROLE: Concept, Design, Finished Art
ART DIRECTOR: Dennis Abelson

Inaba Ciao Social Media

As the largest cat treat company in Japan, Inaba Ciao wanted to finally break into the U.S. market after 8 generations in business. Their iconic white cat from their Japanese packaging was a design element they couldn't part with so a story and a brand were built around the cat, now named Ciao, who travels the world.

When designing the images for social media, it was key to highlight Ciao as a spokescat whenever possible so that she could interact directly with the company's followers. Every month Ciao shows how to say Hello in a different language which she's learned from her travels. She also hosts giveaways, and celebrates major holidays, building a larger and larger community of cat lovers on her social media pages, specifically Facebook. This community has grown rapidly and impressively.

CLIENT: Inaba Ciao
ROLE: Concept, Design, Illustration,
Finished Art

RESULTS: After the first 10 days of the Facebook page launching, Inaba Ciao had 8,600 fans. Within two months after, there were 30,000+ fans.


Inaba Ciao Website Design

One of the projects involved in the rebranding of Inaba Ciao was giving them a website. Using the same design elements as the printed materials, the world skyline was highlighted on the homepage amidst moving clouds. The entire website continues the story-book feel with hand-illustrated renderings of Ciao the cat throughout. There are also a lot of fun and whimsical elements that were added to make the Ciao website an amusing little corner of the internet for customers. These include graphic elements such as the Ciao story expanding on the page with a click, to a Q&A with Ciao herself, to a translator at the bottom of the homepage which teaches you how to say "hello" in over 100 languages.

The entire website was designed then handed over to a programmer to make it a reality. I now work as the updater for any changes needed in the Wordpress backend on behalf of the client.

CLIENT: Inaba Ciao
ROLE: Concept, Design, Illustration, Finished Art, Future Site Updates