Spring Naturals Superfoods Infographic

The Spring Naturals Superfood Infographic is a key piece of information about the brand. Being one of the most awarded pet food brands to date and one of the most healthy, Spring can boast that all of the Superfoods for human consumption (those that have just as positive of an impact on pet health) can be found in their entire line of dog food. Showing this information in such a visual way allows for a better connection with the consumer. The infographic can be found on all of Spring Naturals' social media outlets, PR materials, and in their sales and marketing kit.

CLIENT: Spring Naturals
ROLE: Concept, Design, Finished Art

Petsafe Infographics

Petsafe is a company that provides dental care for pets. To help target both their growing social media following and the editors and bloggers within their PR campaigns, they decided to create two infographics that portray information about their Indigo Fresh line in an engaging way. Petsafe wanted the two infographics to look distinctly different, yet still retain their brand’s color scheme and general fonts to subtly tie them together. Both infographics were featured on Petsafe's social media handles and were included in their PR mailings.

Petsafe Indigo Ingredients Infographic
The Indigo Ingredients Infographic was designed to highlight the nutritional benefits of the key ingredients found in the Indigo Fresh line. Petsafe wanted this design to be loud and bursting with life to highlight the immense health benefits and delicious foods that can be found in their treats, a rarity for the oral pet care category.

Petsafe Indigo Pet Dental Health Infographic
The Pet Dental Health Infographic highlights the importance of proper pet oral care. The information included explains the importance of keeping your pet's teeth clean and the problems that can be associated with not doing so, all while promoting the Indigo Fresh Line as the perfect solution. Due to the more serious nature of its information, this design is more mathematical and straightforward.

CLIENT: Petsafe indigo
ROLE: Concept, Design, Illustration,  Finished Art