Mrs Meyers Clean Day: Personal Care

Mrs Meyers, a brand synonmous with home cleaning products, took the big step to venture into the personal care category. Armed with their cult-status scents, they needed in-store elements that not only separated them from the competition, but also informed their cleaning customers that new types of products were available. We developed a full toolkit of P.O.S. to work with their launch and afterwards.

The hero scent of this toolkit was Lavender but we made it possible to flex each element across Basil and Honeysuckle as well. Utilizing the iconic Mrs Meyers "line lady" we incorporated real-life photography with the world of Mrs Meyers for the first time in order to cue that these products were part of a body care regimen.

Unique elements were also designed for the hand sanitizer product.


To stay relevant in an ever-changing market of do-it-all laundry detergents, Shout wanted to make sure that their product which specifically removed stains stayed in shopper's cart. Therefore, in partnership with a larger design team, we helped brings their shopper campaign targeting "a new generation of stains" to life. By using a modern watercolor look to represent specific stains such as grass, red wine and condiments, we were able to create a bold look for the brand's in-store displays and merchandisers.

To highlight the innovative power of Shout, we used techniques at shelf that mimic the disappearance of stains. A thermochromatic panel on the floor displays instructs shoppers to rub to see stains disappear as the heat from their hands reacts to the ink. Also we developed lenticular shelf blades that would transform from being covered in stains to being clean with their stain guarantee. Cross-merchandising with stain-prone products was also heavily utilized as a key driver for this campaign.

CLIENT: Mrs Meyers Clean Day
ROLE: Art Direction, Design