Laura Wilkens

Replenish Dog and Cat Food Packaging

When Pet Kelp chose to redesign their line of kelp-based dog treats, they specifically asked for a cleaner look and taking on the task of streamlining the selling points and nutritional information. However, the company wanted to keep the feel of their original packaging so they wouldn't alienate current customers. With the redesign, the dog silhouette was updated and made to look more playful. Instead of being near water, the dog is playing among "ocean treasures" such as a starfish, seashell and string of kelp. The subtle wave pattern and ocean gradient in the background provide the connection with the sea. While the logo remains the same, a strong color bar to highlight the flavor and the fun new tagline at the top gives the new packaging appeal on a store shelf. To allow for more space yet still keep within the company’s budget, we opted to print both a front label and smaller back label on the now white pouch so that the key selling points could really shine on the front of the package.

CLIENT: Pet Kelp
ROLE: Concept, Design, Finished Art
ART DIRECTOR: Dennis Abelson


Replenish Dog and Cat Food Packaging

Replenish was looking for a modern redesign of their dog food packaging in order to boost sales. Playing off their compelling brand name, Replenish, the concept of a healthy, active dog behind bold bursts of color became the design of choice. The large red medallion in the center highlights the trademarked "Activ8" ingredients that allow for better pet health. The design was created for dry kibble packaging, and was then adapted for their dog and cat wet food cans.

COPYWRITER: Dennis Abelson

CLIENT: Replenish
REGION: United States
ROLE: Concept, Design, Finished Art