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Animated Goodness - The Work of PES

In last week's post, I introduced my love for animation, specifically the work of Tomasz Bagiński. This week, I want to share the stop-motion work of another Academy Award nominated animator, PES, who was hands-down my biggest inspiration as I developed my own stop-motion film for my university senior film thesis. The first video below, entitled Western Spaghetti, was the first piece I saw by him, while the second, Fresh Guacamole, and Submarine Sandwich, one of his more recent works, take it to another level. The idea of using common objects (and some very nostalgic game pieces; I was master of Pick-up Sticks as a kid) to represent food doesn't seem very inventive at first, but the results that are pulled off here are seriously incredible.

In Western Spaghetti specifically, the use of bubble wrap as boiling water, the dicing of Rubik's Cubes into smaller Rubik's Cubes and being able to make Post-It notes look like actual butter has always been impressive to me. In Fresh Guacamole, it's the baseball onion, Christmas light jalapeño and use of poker chips at the end. In Submarine Sandwich, the utilizing aged/antique sports equipment as slabs of meat is genius; there's even a soccer ball being sliced up into Viewmaster reels! Again with my childhood! (The Chicago White Sox is a nice touch too) The animation within each piece is incredibly smooth, which trust me, is a very difficult feat when you're throwing a bunch of static photos together to create perceived movement.

Where The Cathedral visually succeeded with lighting, the true star in PES animations is the sound work. The sound is what brings these unbelievable situations to life, making them believable. While the images on screen are fantastical, the foley work that corresponds is true to real life, making each of these animations something really special.

You can check out more of his work at