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Animated Goodness - Slimtime

Slimtime is an amusing little short animation from France that provides an interesting take on women's weight issues. While his wife is undergoing an extensive slimming regimen, the main character ends up inside the weight loss center, showing us the behind the scenes processes that are taken to make the large women that enter become stick thin when they leave. The animation takes advantage of many wide shots showing intricate movements between large groups of characters, similar to the iconic choreography of a Busby Berkeley film. There's some amazing sound design happening in this short, providing some very unusual noises for the procedures these women are taking. Those sounds in addition to varying noise levels of footsteps that don't match with where the camera is anchored, and a complete lack of audible dialogue makes this treatment center almost otherworldly and fantastical. The ending is open to multiple interpretations but it's a solid animation nonetheless.