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Design Life: Summer Travels

This summer ended up being a season of travel for me. Whether it was my first time returning to Europe since studying abroad in college, or visiting friends on the East Coast, there was some very great design scattered across the cities I visited for the first time. So whether they were photos taken on a whim through a bus window or were carefully shot for a possible Instagram post, here are some of the highlights:

While it was my first time visiting this city and being surrounded by the heavy Bostonian accent, I can't say I didn't enjoy the amazing amount of fresh fish and seafood that followed me everywhere I went. I also learned how truly "Instagram-y" Boston is, from the sculptures throughout to the art on the pillars outside of the Design Museum and the beautiful building typography, Boston was on point design-wise.

The street art, graffiti, and murals in Reykjavik are on a whole different level. Every other exterior building is a work of art. The people of Iceland not only have great artistic talent, but they're incredibly proud of their country, hanging clean and modern designed banners throughout the city and airport celebrating their historic run in the Euro Cup. Their pride and happiness also flows into their sense of humor, as is the case for their bus stop adds for their famous warm-weather clothing company 66 North. When it's gets about as warm as 65 degrees in the middle of July, being at the line of latitude 66 North, means you just miss summer every year.

Oslo and Bergen:
From beautifully designed maps to advertisements featuring bold typography and the last building that I would have ever expected to house Deloitte, Norway was filled with impressive design left and right. One of my favorites was the wallpaper covering the Nobel Peace Museum. From far away it looks like a basic jewel-toned polka dot pattern, but on closer inspection, it is actually the faces of all the previous Nobel prize winners.

Spending only 24 hours in Stockholm definitely had it's downsides but I still had the chance to have some amazingly hipster meatballs (featuring a well-designed meatball cart), see some great music festivals advertisements and some iconic maps.