University Thesis: Brookfield Zoo Rebrand

My university thesis explored the rebranding of Brookfield Zoo. Having worked over ten years at the zoo, I came to understand what needed to be changed to better suit guests. The elements of my rebranding included the logo, map, signage, as well as special events for adults and children. I created these events based on research conducted with my co-workers and experiences with visitors over the last decade. Acting as the copywriter for the entire project, I developed invitations, event descriptions and map information. I also wanted to tackle the zoo’s current wayfinding system, which has it’s own set of problems and ends up confusing guests more than helping.

I wanted to create a collection of tangible items that would be appealing to the everyday zoo guest. Therefore, my designs include transforming invitations into usable coasters, creating fun items for kids such as a twelve month nature journal, and even a special pop-out map for members.

Zoo Logo
The new logo design for Brookfield Zoo highlights the four "O's" in the title. The larger version features the noses of a snake, bird, polar bear, and lion each in one of the four colors used throughout the zoo identity. The smaller version is more reserved and is used in more sophisticated applications such as the Donor's Circle and when the logo needs to be a smaller size such as on business cards and postcards.

Zoo Signage
A newly designed wayfinding system includes entrance display, banners within the park that inform guests about becoming a donor, directional signs, map displays, regulatory signs, and signs designed to inform about each specific animal.

Zoo Maps
The redesigned maps have been simplified and streamlined. The larger folding map would be handed out to all guests in the park while the smaller pop-out map would be given to visitors who purchase a membership.

Donors' Circle
This system includes a 16x24 inch poster that can be displayed both inside and outside of the zoo as well as a small take-away for the fictional Donors’ Circle which highlights the existing programs supported.

Night Owls After Dark: Adult Programing
Proposed adult program with different themes revolving around specific zoo exhibits. Includes coaster invitations and a gift box with Night Owls drinking glass and candle that corresponds with the Craft Beers and Great Bears program. Each program would have it’s own color theme that would match the coaster invitation.

Junior Explorers: Children’s Programming
Proposed program for children that allows for behind the scenes tours of exhibits and personal interaction with animals. Includes postcard invitations, gift bag with themed buttons, twelve month nature journal and matching pencil set.

CLIENT: University Project
ROLE: Concept, Art Direction, Copywriter, Design, Illustration, Finished Art, Production

2014 Graphic Design USA American Graphic Design Award
2013 2nd Place Best in Show, Loyola University Chicago Graduate Exhibition