Laura Wilkens

Copy of Ziploc | Prep. Pack. Go.

Ziploc's seasonal summer campaign inspires consumers to get road trip ready. The design features innovative and creative ways to use the classic Ziploc bags and containers as portable chip and dip stations, driving game boards, and storage for everything needed for the perfect summer drive. The background of each element is a large map to emphasize the travel theme.To further entice shoppers, the incentive of a $5 gas card was provided whenever three products are purchased. I worked to build out the elements that are featured throughout stores in North America and also worked directly with retouchers to enhance the product images.



Nature’s Logic wanted to refresh their packaging as their distribution and demand for their “whole food nutrition” pet food grew. They desired to move away from their previous barnyard/down-home look and completely modernize their packaging with flat artwork and bold colors. The leaf design on the front of the packages is both organic and mathematical, calling to light the brand name, Nature’s Logic. Each colored leaf on the front represents one of the colors associated with each protein type so that their entire line is subtly displayed on each bag. Since customers had begun to incorrectly refer to their brand as “Logic” due to their disproportionate logo, the typography was updated to reflect their correct name and the cleaner approach to the rest of their packaging. The dog and cat silhouettes were taken from their old packaging as were the base flavor colors to retain a touch of their former selves. However, their flavor colors were then brightened and made bolder for a stronger shelf presence. 

COPYWRITER: Dennis Abelson

CLIENT: Nature’s Logic
REGION: United States and Canada
ROLE: Concept, Design, Illustration, Finished Art


2017 Graphic Design USA American Package Design Award: Animal & Pets
Nature's Logic Packaging Redesign First Look featured in Pet Business Magazine, November 2014


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